Why Baton Rouge is the Best Place to Buy a Home for Your Family

Buying a new home for a family is always challenging. There are so many factors to consider - the size of the house, the nearby amenities, the commute time to schools and work, and more! However, some things weigh more heavily than others, given your family's unique dynamics.

That being said, here are some common factors that homebuyers usually look for when relocating to Baton Rouge:

Close-Knit Community

Baton Rouge is a great place to live because of its close-knit community. Despite being a dense, urban city, the residents are friendly and welcoming. They will quickly help you ease into your new life, and you'll feel like you always lived here!

Low Cost of Living

When buying a new house, the cost of living is crucial in decision-making. In Baton Rouge, the cost of living sits at 90.4, which is less than the national average of 100. And the score for property prices for Baron Rouge is 71 while the national average is 100 - that means buying a house in this city is cheaper than in most other places!

Population Density

With a population density of 2,480 residents per square mile, Baton Rouge is the second most-dense city in Louisiana. According to ResearchGate, places with a higher population density provide residents with a higher quality of life because more amenities are available, including health care centers, job opportunities, recreational activities, social activities, and general maintenance of the neighborhoods.

High-Quality Education

Education in Baton Rouge ranks high across state and national levels. For example, the percentage of people with Bachelor's degrees here is 21.68% compared to 15.70% across the state. In addition, the percentage of people with Master's degrees is 8.55% which is above the state's 5.77%.

Are you looking for a home in Baton Rouge for your family?

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