Why is Home Inspection Important for Homebuyers in Ascension Parish?

It can be challenging to find your dream home within your budget in the current housing market. So, when you find the perfect home, you could be tempted to skip the home inspection to entice the seller and save yourself a few hundred dollars (on average, an inspection will cost you $279-$399). Unfortunately, doing so could lead to buyer’s remorse since you don’t know the real condition of the house. That makes home inspections paramount!

Having said that, here are three key benefits of home inspections when buying a house in Ascension Parish:

The Home’s Safety

You should always consider the safety of your new home before moving in. Without an inspection, it’s nearly impossible to learn about the actual safety of the house - there could be issues that you can’t see even in a thorough walk-through (for instance, poor quality electrical work). An inspection can reveal such issues and hence, put you at ease and give you peace of mind that you know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Ensuring that the property is structurally sound is crucial since any structural issues can cause inconvenience and potential financial setbacks. An experienced inspector knows what to look for to verify that the house was solidly built with professional craftsmanship, and report any structural damages, including issues with the foundation, walls, and roof.

Allows for Negotiations

Did you know that over 86% of home inspections will reveal an issue that needs to be fixed before moving in? As such, depending on the inspector’s finding, you could renegotiate for a lower sale price or ask the seller to fix the issues before finalizing the deal. Alternatively, you could walk out of the deal without being held liable if your sale contract included a home inspection contingency.

Home Inspection is Important When Buying a Home in Ascension Parish!

A home inspection might cost you money and time, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you did it. It can uncover issues that you could get the home seller to fix before you move in or prevent you from inadvertently purchasing a money pit. For more information about home inspections and the overall home buying process, reach out to our skilled team of property experts at 225-304-6363 now!

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